Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Viva Las Vegas!

Haven't decided exactly what to do about my desktop computer. I'll probably replace it, since it's 6 years old, but I'm too busy running around getting ready for this year's summer fun in Las Vegas and LA (and Detroit, but that's to see my sister, it's not like it's a vacation).

"Bright light city gonna set my soul / Gonna set my soul on fire..."

Time for the 7th Annual "Legion of Super-Gamblers" trip this weekend. Well, OK, it's not like we're super at gambling (Big Gay Al says "I'm super! Thanks for asking!"), it's like the Legion of Super-Heroes. Just a bunch of comics geeks from around the country (New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Kansas City, Seattle, Phoenix, San Jose, LA, Las Vegas).

Coincidentally, we'll be there for the huge Star Trek convention and the hackers' convention Defcon 11. Between the hackers and the Trekkies, should be an interesting crowd.

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