Sunday, July 06, 2003

4th of July, 2003

I bought a new flag on July 4th. I needed a new one: I got my current one back in 1990 at the beginning of Gulf War I when my college ex-roommate Craig went off to Kuwait [1], and by now the flags colors have badly faded (the red is now pink). Plus, the flags were on sale for half-off. So now I've got a brand spanking new red, white, and blue flag with a gold plastic eagle on top. Yay America!

So at night I went over to NASA and parked there to watch the fireworks over Clear Lake. Yay fireworks!

Then a stop for ice cream (cheesecake flavor, with fresh strawberries mixed in) on the way home. Yay Marble Slab!

Then I caught the last part of the Houston Symphony's free outdoor show (simulcast on the radio). I'm sorry, but even though John Phillips Sousa's marches always sound best on July 4th, the Liberty Bell March will never be anything but the Monty Python theme. And nothing says "let's celebrate the anniversary of American independence" better than playing a musical piece written by a Russian to commemorate Napoleon's failed attack on St. Petersburg, Russia("The 1812 Overture"). Yay cannons!

That was my July 4th. Nothing much else happened over the weekend. I did get to sleep in all three days until the crack of noon, though, which was nice.

[1] Craig, if you're out there, drop me a note, I don't have your email address anymore!

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