Friday, July 04, 2003

Looking for me?

According to my blog stats [1], someone was looking for "sandra bullock jewish" on the German version of Google and clicked on this site.

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from ana in São Paulo, Brazil. She said "right now, i was looking for a website about music and found your blog, started to read it and felt it could be good to write for you. you like rock bands and movies, dont you? so do i..." Yeah, this blog is so about rock bands and movies. [2]

[1] ExtremeTracking is a hugely cool setup where for free you can get all sorts of stats like where the person clicked on a link and got to your site, what keywords were used in a search engine that led to your site, etc.

[2] Ironically, there's a Brazilian punk singer named Bia Grabois who is apparently quite popular there. Based on the last name, we must be related - in the late 1800's when the Jews decided that it would be better to leave Eastern Europe rather than be killed, a lot of people from my ancestral hometown of Kishinev, Moldova decided to go to Rio de Janiero (in addition to Buenos Aires, New York City, and Philadelphia). Bia and I are probably related through our 5th or 6th great grandfathers.

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