Friday, July 18, 2003

Rena Sofer Naked (part 2)

I think I may have inadvertantly stumbled onto something, a new form of Googling, maybe (like Googlewhack or Google bombs).

I've now had four people find my page by asking for naked pictures of Rena Sofer - the previously mentioned "Rena Sofer naked" on Yahoo, and in the past week alone rena sofer naked (Google), rena sofer naked pictures (Google), rena sofer naked (MSN), and "rena sofer" and coupling (Google).

If you do a Google search on "Rena Sofer naked", one of the results is my July 6th entry, in which I said that someone found my page by looking for "Rena Sofer naked". Have I uncovered a Google Moebius strip or something?

Meanwhile, I'm fascinated by the fact that people are looking to see if celebrities are Jewish. I started out with a hit from someone asking about Sandra Bullock, now I've got a second hit for jennifer aniston jew and "sarah silverman" born jew. It's much easier to go to Jewhoo and look it up there. The answers are no, no, and yes.

Oh, and someone also wants to see "jennifer connelly" photograph. I'm sure he was looking for a naked one, but he forgot to specify.

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