Tuesday, July 15, 2003


So there's this storm named Claudette out in the Gulf, and it doesn't seem to know which way to go. For the last couple of days the weather guys have been telling everyone that it'll start to move to the west, but it seems to keep going north.

If you look at a map of the Texas Gulf Coast, Houston is in Galveston Bay, which is the first major "indent" as you go west from the Texas/Louisiana border. We're right at the eastern edge of the hurricane warning, but the percentages keep getting higher and higher as Claudette keeps not moving west.

I live right near the western coast of Galveston Bay near the border of Harris County (Houston) and Galveston County (Galveston).

It's not expected to be anything more than a Cat 1 hurricane (I live near the coast, but I'm far enough inland that I shouldn't have to worry about flooding and storm surge until a Cat 5 storm (the biggest and baddest rating). Still, winds have picked up to around 15 mph right now, and they're expecting anywhere from 8-20 inches of rain in the 24 hour period starting at noon Tuesday. And of course, the eastern side of the hurricane/storm is the windiest and wettest since it rotates counter-clockwise.

I think I'll bring an umbrella to work tomorrow.

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