Wednesday, November 26, 2003

"It's beginning to look way too much like Christmas way too early"

Well, if I were in charge, the official Christmas season would have just started this past weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving).

My original Royal Decree #1 (a.k.a. "The Christmas Decree") said:
a) No store shall be allowed to display or sell Christmas-related items, nor decorate their store in a Christmas theme, until the weekend just before Thanksgiving.
b) No house/apartment/dwelling of whatever kind shall be allowed to be decorated in a Christmas theme until Thanksgiving Day.
c) All Christmas decorations must be removed by the end of the first weekend following New Year's Day.

I'd impose a penalty against anyone who violated these rules, said penalty being that they wouldn't be allowed to decorate for Christmas (or sell Christmas-related stuff) the next year. Hey, I'm the king, I get to make the rules, dammit.

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