Tuesday, November 25, 2003

"Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps.... but Perhaps not"

Now that the US version of Coupling has been cancelled, traffic from people looking for naked pictures of Rena Sofer have been slowly tapering off. It's now down to just a handful a day. (And needless to say, the creator of the BBC version wasn't too pleased about how the scheduling and cancellation have all been handled, as he says on the BBC America message board). However, I'm seeing more people searching to see if Jennifer Connelly is Jewish (yes, she is) - or maybe those are showing up more now that the "nude pictures of Rena Sofer" queries are dying off.

On Sunday someone was looking for Jewish lesbians in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and on Monday someone else found me by looking for Nazi bongs. Is the internet great or what?

Although, strangely enough, people are still looking for pictures of rocket scientists.

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