Friday, August 29, 2003

Sandra Bullock Jewish! Rocket Power Naked! Rena Sofer Nude!

Can someone please tell me why people are asking these questions? I'm getting a handful of questions per week on a regular basis.

  1. Is Sandra Bullock is Jewish? Yes, she is. So is Jennifer Connelly. But why are you asking?
  2. What is Hitler's middle name? He didn't have one.
  3. Rocket Power Naked (or Nude) This one totally baffles me. Rocket Power seems to be some cartoon. Are you guys looking for nude pictures of cartoon characters? Whatever.
  4. Rena Sofer nude pictures Sorry, I don't have any. Good luck finding them. But why are you looking for her pictures and not, say, Sandra Bullock nude pictures or Jennifer Aniston nude pictures? Are you only interested in finding out if they're Jewish?
  5. Lesbian Spank Inferno Finally, something I get! I love BBC's "Coupling" and hope the US version is as good. Plus, it's got Rena Sofer (with clothes, though).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For me at least, I find that sometimes I just don't care for a certain celebrity or public figure and I just can't figure out why. So, being one that simply does not care for Jewish 'behaviors' (rude, blunt, in your face, cocky, braggers, self absorbed, usually unattractive, chip on their shoulder, arrogant, etc) I seek to find out if they are Jewish and just attempting to tame their unattractive innate behaviors. That's why I ask....just to confirm what I pretty much already suspected. BTW, I'm usually correct on my assumptions.