Monday, October 13, 2003

Where in the world are nude pictures of Rena Sofer?

In addition to telling me what people are looking for, my tracking software (from Extreme Tracking) tells me where they are looking from, outside the US. I did have to visit the official Internet Assigned Numbers Authority page of ISO 3166 Top Level Domains (TLDs) to tell me who a couple of the countries were.

Going in decreasing order of number of hits and using the TLD as a guide (excluding .com/.net/.org/.gov/.mil), I've had visitors from Australia (.au), Canada (.ca), South Africa (.za), the United Kingdom (.uk), Netherlands (.nl), Italy (.it), Finland (.fi), Japan (.jp), Germany (.de), France (.fr), Sweden (.se), New Zealand (.nz), Belgium (.be), Mexico (.mx), Indonesia (.id), Dominican Republic (.do), Hong Kong (.hk), Austria (.at), Brazil (.br), Singapore (.sg), Iceland (.is), Spain (.es), Greece (.gr), Turkey (.tr), Uruguay (.uy), Philippines (.ph), Malta (.mt), Argentina (.ar), American Samoa (.as), Costa Rica (.cr), and Israel (.il).

All apparently looking for nude pictures of Rena Sofer (nearly 800 queries in 3 months).

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